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  • Welcome to Wenzhou Yihai Machinery Co.,Ltd.!

    Automatic Bubble Film Envelop Making Machine

    YIHAI MACHINERY Co., LTD is located in Pingyang,wenzhou ,zhejiang province . It Is a innovative enterprises integrating research and development, production. Specialized in the production of air bubble film machine, laminating machine, stretch film machine,film blowing machine, bag making machine, printing machine and plastic packing machinery. Products are approved by CE certification.And the products are exported to overseas.



    Device Description

    Our bubble bag making equipment specially designed for kraft paper bubble envelop bag,And it can also make coextrusion film bubble envelope bag(the coextrusion film bubble roller should be laminated first,but for kraft paper,no need that process).

    How to make the bubble bag:Firstly,The coated kraft paper and PE bubble film are glued together by the hot lamination part of the machine,than,Then fold the kraft paper bubble film or the coextrusion bubble film in half ,Then cut into standard  bubble envelope bag after hot pressing。This machine adopts advanced machine, electricity, gas, spray glue integrated control technology,It is controlled by computer from sheet to cut,The bag produced is flat and beautiful, solid and reliable, easy to understand and easy to understand,it is a high quality special bag equipment.







    Suitable material


    Laminating Kraft paper(85-140g)+air bubble film(25-150g), tape


    Material requirements


    With PE or PP film on surface of kraft paper


    MAX. feeding diameter

    paper Φ600mm, bubble film Φ1200mm

    MAX. feeding width

    paper≤ 1500mm , bubble film ≤1500mm

    MAX. bag size

    ≤750mm(including the tongue of bag)

    Maximum bag width


    speed of bag making

    30-90pcs/min(double speed of small lbag )

    Total power



    3phase AC380V 50Hz

    Machine size(LxWxH)

    18500×2100×2000 mm(L×W×H)

    Name: Bubble mailer machine


    Original:Wenzhou city, zhejiang province, China

    Certification: CE ISO SGS

    Machine type: bubble mailer bag machine

    Applicable material: Plastic

    Computerized: Yes

    Power supply: 3 phases AC/ 380V/ 50Hz

    Weight: 4t

    Model: 800#

    Total power: 30kw

    Overall size: 18500*2100*2000mm

    Making speed: 80pcs/min



    Product Introduction

    Our bubble film bag making machine specially design for kraft paper bubble envelop bag, can also make co-extrusion film bubble envelop bag( the co-extrusion film bubble roller should be laminated first, but kraft paper needn't ).

    Our machine can be used to make bubble bags with good protective effects such as shock proof, fall proof, waterproof and so on.

    Main features

    1. This machine specially design for the production of bubble envelope bags.

    2. Other applicable materials: PE bubble bag, pearlized bubble bag, Mpet aluminum bubble bag

    3. Use automatic PLC control with high intelligence and energy saving.

    4. High speed and efficiency: our machine can produce 80 bags per minute on average, and smaller bags can be replaced by two production modes at a time, doubling production.




    Effective width

    600mm ( including the envelop tongue )

    Effective length


    Feeding roll OD

    Paper: ?600mm    PE bubble film: ?1300mm

    Feeding width

    Paper: 1200mm    PE bubble film: 1100mm

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